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EMDR Therapy Field Guide for Clients: Written by EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Certified Therapist, Kathryn Dietzway, LCSW-BACS


Whether you are an EMDR therapist or a client beginning your EMDR Therapy journey, this field guide will be a resource for you! This field guide was written with the goal of providing clients with education, guidance and journaling prompts to support their EMDR journey. Ideally, clients will utilize this field guide session by session, journaling along the way. It will be helpful for therapists and clients to walk through this guide together in order to be on the same page throughout the process. From psychoeducation on EMDR and polyvagal theory, to frequently asked questions from every phase of EMDR, to short quizzes to promote content integration and reflection prompts for every session, I have incorporated helpful content specifically intended to benefit both clients and therapists in their EMDR journey together.


Please note you are purchasing the print friendly version of this resource! The original resource is much longer because it includes space for journaling in the actual document. This verson is just the content and prompts, with the purpose of clients utilizing their own journals to write about the prompts.



This version is intended for therapists and/or EMDR clients to purchase for personal use only, no rigths to share. If you would like to purchase the version that allows therapists to share with their clients, please purchase the $40 version so that you can legally do so. It is a violation of copyright law for you to share this document with anyone but yourself without permission from the author


I am honored to share this resource with the EMDR community. I would love to receive any feedback you may have about this resource at If you are not satisfied with you purchase, please reach out to me!

EMDR Therapy Field Guide for Clients: PRINT FRIENDLY

  • 27 pages, PDF file

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