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Rebecca Bowers MS, PLPC


Specializing in trauma-informed therapy for people of all ages

Becca is a therapist who focuses on trauma recovery/healing, embodiment, healing the relationship with the body and food,  gbtq+ trauma and spiritual and religious trauma recovery. Our bodies hold trauma that only builds if we do not address it. Addressing it can be scary and doing it alone can make the task of healing feel impossible.

Becca sees in practice that reclaiming our bodies begins the healing process and defies the narrative of trauma. Through embodied practices we can move through trauma and reclaim more of our whole selves as both an embodied and brave space.

Becca believes in an eclectic style of psychotherapy. That means each person will have an entirely different experience in therapy.

"Your body is sacred, your body is worth healing, and you are capable of recovering from trauma." - Becca Bowers

Becca often combines EMDR with talk therapy and eco-therapy when working with the client overcoming trauma. In other cases she focuses on embodiment through trauma informed movement and advanced EMDR training. For clients experiencing anxiety she focuses on guidance and coping skills with talk therapy (psychotherapy). Becca works with clients as young as 1 years old through adults.

Becca is a climate change aware therapist, an lgbtq+ ally and advocate in the Lafayette community both in and out of the voting booth. She enjoys working with individuals to overcome or work through day to day struggles/anxieties as well as deep and embodied trauma. 

Outside of being a therapist Becca is a mother, a lover of flowers and pollinators, and she makes an excellent gumbo. 

Becca has obtained advanced EMDR trainings and consultation in the specialized areas of dissociation, spiritual trauma, sandtray therapy and adapting EMDR for children. She regularly engages in studying, reading and research on topics around body image, disordered eating and embodiment. Becca is also actively pursuing certification in EMDR.

Payment, Services and Availability

Insurance and Payment Info: Not in network with any insurances; billing dept can offer client's a receipt for services. 

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

Psychotherapy Intake (60 min) $130.00

Psychotherapy Session follow up (50 min) $120.00

Currently offering discounted rate sessions. 


Land-Based Ecotherapy Session: Same as standard rates + small travel fee.

Ecotherapy sessions focus on building safety, connection and meaning with the present moment, with nature as our ally to this process. Somatic and mindfulness based therapy will be a focus of these sessions, while also pulling in traditional psychotherapy methods to support the client in processing thoughts and emotions about past, present and future stressors, hopes and goals for healing.

Available: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM till 2:00 PM

In-Person and Telehealth available

Location: 123 Ridgeway Dr, Ste B., Lafayette, LA 70503

To make an appointment with Becca, please call (337) 254-0362. If you have any questions, please email us at

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